DCS Textile Laboratory Equipment

We Repair Textile Laboratory Equipment

DCS Services repairs a range of textile laboratory equipment. Review the items below to get an idea of what we handle. Contact us if you have any questions.

Ahiba Equipment

Ahiba 1000

Temperature - Time - Function Controller for the Ahiba Polymat and Texomat

Textile equipment controler

Ahiba TC Controller

For the Ahiba Polymat, Texomat and Turbomat

Textile equipment controler

Ahiba-Texomat G VII B

Textile equipment controler


Textile equipment controler

Laboratory Drying Machines

Our drying machine sources include Mathis and other manufacturers.

Mathis Equipment

Mathis designs quality laboratory drying machines.

Universal Laboratory Steamers and Dryers

Type DH/DHe and LTF

Textile equipment controler

DCS Equipment

Our equipment includes laboratory dyeing machines and equipment. Look at the items below. Contact us for questions.

DCS IR Parts

These are infared (IR) parts from DCS.

DCS IR-1000

The DCS IR-1000 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing unit.

Textile equipment controler

DCS IR-2000

The DCS IR-2000 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing unit.

Textile equipment controler

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